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“Hi there, Dirk.

I’m from Scotland.

I was enquiring about specific food for bettas and was completely satisfied with the response, found all the information to be more than helpful. I had heard about your brand through other fish breeders I know like myself.
I would highly recommend to all my customers and any other hobbyists or breeders who seek advice of nutritional benefits for their fish. Because of the high quality and exceptional customer service that I received on asking a simple question. This shows customers are a main focus for your company and this is a winning combination along with exceptional quality of your products. So all in all very happy and will be using in future compared to any other brands.

Thanks for contacting me and all the best for the new year in 2024 “

John Norwood
Aquarist from Scotland

“We are very happy for it. Without any big promotion, it’s happening. Most feedbacks are “Fishes are taking it readily without any hesitation” than any other brand.”

Aqua Discus India

“I love the pumpkin formula of DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD PUMPKIN for my Barbs! It’s got a nice blend of carotenoids and it doesn’t sink too fast. They see me coming to feed and they all gather up to gobble it down. No cloudy water, no algae, no bloat. I also appreciate the size accuracy of the nano pellets for fry and nano fish. It’s one of the few pellets small enough for Threadfin Rainbows (M size).”

Sue Harkey
Aquarist from USA, customer of KJE Aquatics

“Friends have told me about you.

There were problems with the treatment of aquarium fish. I like your attention, quick help, decency and knowledge of your business. You have a wide range of medicines for fish.”

Maxim Muradov
AquaMaster Baku, Aserbaidschan

“We found you through a post on Youtube.

We were looking for a specific medication on your homepage for our discus (metronidazole against intestinal flagellates). The situation now, is that we are almost forced to order a certain medication from abroad and therefore have to wait a certain amount of time for it. You know yourself that certain illnesses/symptoms must be treated promptly.

We received a prompt reply from you, in a friendly and explanatory manner. Your selection of products and the homepage are very user-friendly. You have affordable, high-quality products. We recommend you to anyone who should ask us what they are looking for and want to try for certain diseases and/or high-quality food for fish.”

Kretschmer family from Eisenach

“I found you through recommendations on internet forums, Youtube and Facebook. I was looking for a good food, if possible several varieties all from one source. For example, what bothers me about the previously fed … the current poor availability, with … the short shelf life after opening of only 3 – 4 months. I am also looking for a food that no longer requires frozen food.

I like your good support, the fair price and the good availability, as well as a good composition with little grain. I’m thinking about feeding only Bassleer in all three of my tanks. Only the high phosphate content bothers me a little. I would basically recommend everyone.”

Daniel Meyer

“I am a fish lover from Poland. We have got an aquarium with discus fish.

We have asked you about your treatment because of a discus disease. We just could not help them and one of my friends, who works in the Zoo of Lodz, told me about HEXAMOR, that it was the best ever.”

Agnieszka Frontczak
Fish Lover from Poland

“I found you while browsing the internet for my problem.

My problem was that while I was on vacation the keeper of my saltwater aquarium hadn’t noticed that the Balling light solution for KH had leaked behind the tank.

The KH value has dropped to 4.5. This initially caused me problems with the corals. Fortunately, after increasing the carbonate hardness, most of them recovered. But the fish also behaved conspicuously. Although they took food and had no external signs of parasites or infections, during the day they hid under the stone structure or stood staggering in quiet areas of the aquarium.

According to my dealer, it couldn’t be due to the KH drop. 

Thanks to the good advice given by your employee, I then found out that the drop in KH also changes the pH value and that this is probably causing problems for the fish.
According to his advice, I then gave my fish food from Dr. Bassleer.

Shortly before our contact, two fish had already died. Luckily, thanks to your help, the rest made it through.

The fish are doing well at the moment. One got inflamed pectoral fins and a slightly yellowish coating afterwards.

With the new food, a little… of… and… of… the inflammation is gone. But the coating is still there. The fish therefore always places itself in the outfow of a streamer pump. I have now ordered EKTOMOR from Aquarium Münster and hope that this will help.

Also, I’m still fighting for a coral. Since no Ca was consumed by the KH drop, my Ca value was still too high until two days ago, which led to tissue detachment and brown jelly on a seriatopora.

Everything that we do as a hobby is approached scientifically by yourself. You develop and test products that work. You sell products that you know that they will help.

The contact with you was very easy, too. I was immediately helped on the phone competently.

After an e-mail with photos and a video of the behavior of the fish, I was called back at short notice to discuss the further procedure. This quick help probably saved the lives of most of my fish. Thanks again for that.”

Nico-Pascal Engelhardt

“I would like to give you a report.

The treatment is finished. It seems to have been successful. Although I had stored all the filter material separately, there was a massive nitrite peak a short time after “reinstallation”, which I got under control with water changes and BACTOSPRINT without any losses. The water smelled very “rotten” for a while after the treatment. I couldn’t find a reason. It’s gone again.

No snail or other invertebrate died during the treatment. I didn’t take them out of the aquarium.

I am happy.

Many Thanks.”

Jens Völker

“Hello Mr Pahlsmeier,

our fish are fit again. Thank you again for your advice and time.”

Family Jung

“I was looking for information on food and medication for Cryptocarion.

I treated against White Spot Disease in the coral tank. No losses. All fish are currently healthy. I like your wide range of medicines that can be used in marine water and some are reef-safe. I was surprised by your quick response to my e-mail inquiry.”

Timo Herrmann
Marine Aquarist

“I found you through YouTube.

I wanted to subsequently fix a root in a running tank. Thanks to your ORCA UNDERWATER GLUE I was able to solve the problem well.

I really like the good, fast and friendly support.”

Michael Kuzay

“I googled for a medication against Cryptocarion and found your medication in several places. My problem was Cryptocarion and a lot of secondary infections like fungus and goggle eyes on my sailfin doc. This is now top fit again in my main tank. Your support surprised me in a positive way. Especially when you consider the low costs of the medication!

Many thanks for the support.”

Max Przybylla
Marine Aquarist

“I found you on the internet and I am very grateful for the advice I received from you.

I would particularly like to thank you for measuring my water values free of charge. I lost some of my fish but I think I can get everything back on track. Thank you very much from Martha from South Tyrol.”

Martha Walcher
Aquarist from South Tyrol

“I found you through internet research and forum reports.

I had a White Spot infection in my marine fish after I introduced new fish into my tank. The spots are currently no longer visible, but two courses of treatment were necessary. The last day of treatment was in the past week. It should therefore be over.

I was surprised by your quick response to my e-mail request.

I have a suggestion for improvement: The dosage information is precise (but I don’t count 360 drops) and the alternative information with 2 ml per 100 l is also OK for the time being. But it would be good if the PROTOMOR came with a dosing cap or something similar. I have some of them lying around, but I had to find out that they are not calibrated and sometimes differ significantly from each other. So I’m afraid I simply did not dose enough the first time.”

Sven Schlicksupp
Marine Aquarist

“My problem was whether I could mix your product VIRUMOR with Methylene Blue. You said ‘no’. Thanks for the clarification.

I like your very quick response. It normally takes a day to three days to hear back from providers. Your product VIRUMOR is very good. I would definitely recommend your product to other fish keepers. I have tried many other internal bacterial products for my fish. VIRUMOR is the most effective one.”

Grace Ng Ee Wern
Aquarist from Singapore

“I found you years ago while doing research on the internet. Most recently it was about the shelf life of AQUAVITAL BACTOSPRINT which was answered immediately by Mark Pahlsmeier.

The difference to other providers is your quick help in case of problems, like, in my case, in marine aquatics. Years ago I had problems with a fish disease. In several e-mails I received support from you in the form of your products, here: Ektomor, Odimor, Virumor, Protomor. Since I always like to return the favor, I have been using many of your products since then. Among other things, some DR. BASSLEER products.

Of course I recommend you to others.”

Thorsten Dresen
Marine Aquarist

“My dealer insisted that I keep the filter running during treatment. From my understanding, I doubted that, because the medication instructions said that the filter should not work or not in connection with the pond water.

Based on your answer, the filter system was taken out of service because I did not know how to run it separately without a pond connection.

The drug worked well. The carp, which was probably infected with fungus on the tail fin, has recovered. The presumed fungal attack is no longer visible. Note: No fungal infestation was found in other fish.

I liked your quick, professional, helpful, understandable answer.”

Volker Schäfer
Pond Keeper

“Thank you for the prompt reply and very detailed advice.

I have now not only ordered all the recommended varieties for Malawi cichlids in the recommended size XL, but also food in size M and shrimp food corresponding to my Amazonas aquarium.

It’s great that customer support is still very important here. I just want to support that.

Sunny greetings from Middle Franconia “

Daniel Breidenbach
Aquarist from Middle Franconia

“I found you very kind and responsive.

I suspected Oodinium on a Clown Fish, but did not know if ODIMOR would harm the bacteria in my start-up tank. I included a picture of the poor guy. Got the answer that it probably was not Oodinium, rather than a parasite. Since I already started the treatment I got the info that ODIMOR also helped against that. I followed the using instruction and a week later the Clown was completely cured! He is doing great!

You give very valuable advice! Your commitment hto help supprised me. I recommend you to my reef-friends.”

Gierth Olsson
Aquarist from Sweden

“I found you on the internet. I had a discussion with you about White Spot. You recommended the medicine FAUNAMOR that we cannot buy in Denmark.

Nevertheless I would  like to continue the discussion. Mark was very helpful and took some time to answer my questions.”

Jan Sorensen
Aquarist from Denmark

“I was looking for a glue that would work underwater and I found your product, and I contacted you via the email on your website! I had a question regarding how exactly to use the underwater glue. You seem to be the only company that offers a glue that works underwater so that sets you apart from other providers.

I would recommend you to everyone.”


“I had bought a Dr Bassleer Biofish Food green medium size to feed my betta but the packet says for fish less than that size so the customer care support had cleared all my doubts by saying that I am good to go with it.

Now three of my bettas are eating it and they seem to love it, I had chosen the best premium food for my bettas and they are healthy.

Thank you for your reply. 100% satisfied with this product and will buy this product again and recommend it to my friends, it also comes with a spoon so they eat from it and I love to see the sight of enjoying this fish food.

Thank you again for responding to my question.”

Nitheesen Sivakumar
Aquarist and Betta fan 

“I bought your food at the Aquaristik Center Ost, Munich, and was quickly convinced of it (my fish too). Then I did some internet research and came across your website.

I rather had a mistake in thinking about the varied diet of the fish. I wanted to mix several types, but that would have meant the same food every day. You gave me great information and showed me that you answer every small question immediately and that you can always be written to.

After reading it properly, I got 9 different types of food and one or the other product from you. I have already used your medicines and they also do what you promise.

You have premium products. There are a lot of reports, videos, etc. about your products. You can really read into the subject and you are convinced of what is being written. I also like very much that you have Dr. Bassleer on board and he has great explanations. Other providers do not provide any studies or do not offer such close contact to the end customer. The focus is on trade there. The numbers just have to be right.

I was surprised by your products and I am very happy that I found them. I recommend you to everybody.

I think it’s a shame that there is no online shop that sells all of your products. After a long search I came across one or the other online shop that offers this or that from you, but you have to search extremely for it. Zoo-Zajac is offering your complete range, but you also have to search. It would be great if you also had your own shop.”

Tobias Schön

“Our aquarium has been running for a few years. We have been able to gather various experiences (e. g. soft water with soil or fish diseases). As we are from the city of Münster, you have been recommended to us by two retailers from Münster dealers from the beginning of our hobby. I am enthusiastic about it your assortment, e.g. the different foods from Dr. Bassleer. We also use AQUAVITAL STRESS-PROTECT frequently.

Since fish diseases in particular are very difficult to be diagnosted by a hobbyist and mixed infections can occur quickly, I am grateful for your advice. By e-mail or by phone. That’s why I am happy to recommend you and your products to aquarists among my friends.

Our Cardinal Tetras are currently ill, we are in contact with Mr Mark Pahlsmeier.”

Lina Gaux
Aquarist from Münster

“The support was quick and could help me with my request. My inquiry was answered to my satisfaction, too. It was about the food recommendation for my Galaxy danios, food type and feed duration.”

Martin Sklebitz

I wished to have more information about DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD. I googled and found you because I heard that some do not sell the original Bassleer-food.

I had a very nice contact and I was happy about the information that I received. I definitely recommend Aquarium Münster to others.

Tanja Koch
Aquarist and Fan of Bettas

“We finalized the first part of the experiment comparing 4 different foods. DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD is the one that gives the best results considering sperm quality. The fishes were analyzed in the day 0 and they were all with no viable sperm cells. After 25 days of DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD the fishes presented 90 – 100 % of active sperm cells. The other brands were not so good.

Another difference, as we have only few DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD left, we are giving 0.5 % of the fish weight per day, while the other brands up to 2 %. Even in lower quantities DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD presented better results!”

Prof. Dr. Leandro Melo de Sousa
Laboratório de Ictiologia de Altamira 
Universidade Federal do Pará (Brazil)

“The treatment with MEDIMOR worked well. It did not spread and the sick Platy made a great recovery. Thank you!”

Michael Peperhove

“I bought ORCA CONNECT from a dealer in Bielefeld. When I asked which glue is well suited for reef construction, the specialist suggested your product, ORCA CONNECT.

After using the product I found a velvet-like coating on the ORCA CONNECT areas in the aquarium. I did not expect this problem. I called a dealer where I had ordered some products in the past. This dealer recommended to call Aquarium Münster. As agreed on the phone I sent you a sample of the velvet-like coating and I was happy with your advice. You gave me confidence in the product.

I restarted the aquarium with live rock. It is now in the 4th week since I like to do it the old-fashioned way. I am a beginner and like to dive into the experience.

I highly recommend ORCA CONNECT 100%, because I have witnessed the excellent bonding strength.”

Tobias Krüger
Marine Aquarist

“I received the food of your company on an exhibition and I was very satisfied. I would recommend you. I appreciate the fast and uncomplicated contact.”

Heiko Staatz
German Aquarist

“I have a breeding pair of koi angels that are close to hand size and I have always thought their colors were better than average however the orange/red coloration was a little weak. At the Aquatic Experience show Jayne and I watched the video of the angels and how the black vertical lines became so dark after feeding DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD ACAI.

My pair has done exactly the same. The black is deeper and the red/orange coloration continues daily to get deeper and deeper in color a true testimonial!!!

I am looking to get the store open in the next couple of weeks and show off my before and after pictures!!”

Harvey Fell
Lahaska (USA)

“As an aquarist, I’ve been using your remedies for a long time. Now I have changed my food to your fish food from Dr. Bassleer. My questions about the feeding time of the different types of food have been answered very well by you. I and my fish are satisfied with your food products.

I recommend you in general and I am convinced of the quality, description of the application and effect of the different products.”

Michael Kurz

“I searched the Internet for a medication against worms and found DACTYMOR. Unfortunately Praziquantel was prescripted by the EU.

You have a very nice, clear and functional website. That’s why the page was added directly to my favorites to have it available when I need something.

I can recommend your support. The answer will be prompt and I would suggest your site to people looking for medicines.”

Thom Graf
Aquarist from Swizzerland

“We would like to thank our main sponsor Aquarium Münster for the friendly support in the purchase of our new club clothes. Aquarium Münster is at our side for many years in our hobby and has now generously supported us again after our relaunch.

On behalf of the entire Guppy Club Germany a big THANK YOU for the generous support.”

Boris Bruch
GCG – Guppy Club Germany

“I was looking for a good granulated food for my fighting fish and became aware of your site through the Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food. I immediately got an answer and have already recommended you.

Thank you again for the samples, all the fish immediately accepted. I have ordered the original sizes. Many thanks from my fish, too.”

Sandra Berger
Fighting fish breeder

“Aquarium Münster was recommended to us by an aquatic specialist shop. One of our discus had a white region below the fins. Aquarium Münster recommended a medication, which we have organised and applied. After the treatment of the whole aquarium, all fish are doing very well, which lasts until today.

We were surprised by the fast feedback.

We recommend Aquarium Münster to friends and hobbyists who have an aquarium in case they have problems or questions. We were really very happy and satisfied that we were able to save our fish with the treatment (since we probably took over a sick aquarium).”

Natalie Wohlgemuth
New aquarist

“I met Aquarium Münster more than 20 yeas ago in a shop in Madrid. It was a medicine, ODIMOR. The great effectiveness of the medicines of Aquarium Münster have always helped me when I needed them. I like the human treatment, close and friendly in comparison to other brands, who lost the humility sometimes.

The extensive line of specific and very effective medicines – over the years DR. BASSLEER BIOFISH FOOD and of course the AQUA-CLIPPER – is surprising.

I recommend Aquarium Münster to aquarists who appreciate the high quality, ‘Made in Germany’ that Aquarium Münster stands for.”

Ángel Arroba Ávila
Aquarist and cichlid lover
Madrid (Spain)

“We have become aware of you through the Aquaristikprofi from Münster. We were very satisfied with your quick and uncomplicated advice. The Platy is unchanged. We will be pleased to recommend you.”

Kirsten Frese

“I searched the internet for a certain medicine for the treatment of an acute disease of my discus. Unfortunately, the particular medicine was no longer authorized in Europe. I ordered and used the alternative product recommended by Aquarium Münster and was able to limit the losses of my fish. These are on the way to convalescence. I was surprised by the very fast, competent and legally compliant answer; and this during Christmas holidays.”

Dr. Bärbel Klein
Practical Veterinarian


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