Aquarium Münster - Fish like us

Ornamental fish and the name Pahlsmeier and Aquarium Münster have been connected inseperably for decades.

Everything began with an ornamental fish breeding concern founded by Adolf Pahlsmeier Snr. in 1926, which was soon to achieve international recognition with the exportation of Angel fish to America by sea freight. For this special purpose a fish keeping installation was established on the ocean vessel "Bremen".

Under the management of Adolf Pahlsmeier jr. the company developed further to an ornamental fish wholesaler. Import and Export were now in the foreground. With the pioneering invention of FAUNAMOR, the first remedy against Ichthyophthirius (white spot disease), the business concept was changed in 1968. The range of high quality aquatic products was extended on a continual basis and is today the most important branch. Milestones during this period were the sole distribution of Furanace-P (later: aquafuran) and the developement of the patented dosing system of FURAMOR-P. Other innovations are the AQUA-CLIPPER, different underwater glues and AQUAVITAL BACTOSPRINT, the first 2-components-product with immobilized microorganisms that are activated immediately before use. 

In recent years the company developed into a service provider for contract production and services to meet legal regulations and pharmaceutical standards.

Today the company is managed by the brothers Dirk Pahlsmeier and Mark Pahlsmeier. Aquarium Münster partners are found in all important markets all over the world.

Research, developement, production and commitment.

Developing effective remedies and care products requires scientific creativity and a clear aim. Research in one's own laboratories allows the internationally recognised quality standards to be met.

Only if all parameters of research, developement and production are synchronized to each other, a product will be released for the markets. Each batch is analysed and extensively tested before it will be released to sale.

The publications of the Aquarium Münster research department are not only useful when using the product but also as an advisory for aquarists and garden pond owners. In case of further questions and problems, we will be happy to give scientifical advice.

Think global, act local.

The proper use of health and care products is the prerequisite to the success of our customers. Therefore we regard our marketing services as a competent consulting everywhere where products for aquariums and garden ponds are required. In offering this service, we follow the principle: Think global, act local.

Information and advertising material of Aquarium Münster is available in more than 20 languages thus helping for all service missions all over the world. In most of the national and international specialist magazines we are present. With articels and advertisements. If necessary in Chinese, but never in incomprehensible words. Part of this presentation of Aquarium Münster on important trade fairs and the organisation of training programs and seminars which we offer to our partners regularly.