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Corporate Philosophy

Our home is the region of Münster. Beside directness and down-to-earthness, sometimes also a little obstinacy, which are counted as Westphalian virtues, we cultivate a style of business, which was identified as Hanseatic in former times.

Essential basis of our activities are reliability and sincerety. The welfare of our customers, but also our suppliers, external service providers and our staff are our focus. Our view of fairness is that a good deal is only a good deal if all business partners have their benefit.

We do not have the short-range success in focus. Our commitment is themed sustainable and for the long term.

Even the respect for nature, especially in our field of business, belongs to our basic business visions. We are constantly seeking a production that is protecting environmental resources and waste avoiding. Our need of electricity we supply with renewable energies exclusively (e. g. wind and hydropower, solar energy).

For the hosting of our website we use “green hosting” from ESTUGO. ESTUGO uses 100 % green energy from renewable energy from hydropower. Furthermore ESTUGO uses only hardware from well-known brands, that are proven to work energy efficient.

The staff in our production wears work clothing that is cleaned and maintained as part of an ecological reusable system. For this we have chosen a service provider who uses innovative technologies to conserve resources, wash, heat recovery and wastewater treatment.

In addition to adequate wages, we offer our employees a modern workplace, free car parking, hot and cold drinks and voluntary benefits, such as supplementary health insurance and company pension plans. For the production staff, we provide high-quality work clothing. All benefits have been summarized and explained in the pensions scheme for employees.

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