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Contract Production and Services in the GMP Sector


Contract production for other brands

The high quality standard of the production is more and more recognized also by other brands, so that they use us as a contract manufacturer for their own brand (private label production).

Even small production lots, that are done by half-automatic facilities or manual, can be done by us.

Service in GMP sector

All medical products from Aquarium Münster are manufactured with the GMP guidelines – the pharmaceutical industry’s internationally standardized quality standards.

There is a permission for the production of liquid products, powders, granulates and tablets. All facilities are qualified. Methods of production and analysis are validated. For customers we offer

  • production on the basis of clients formula
  • developement of GMP-compliant recipes
  • validation of procedures for production and analysis
  • qualification of production facilities
  • analysis of stability
  • preparation of specifications for active ingredients, excipients of packagings
  • preparation of certificates of analysis
  • preparation of documentations for admissions

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