pH – The degree of acid in the water

The pH-value indicates the degree of acid in the water. A pH of 7 is neutral, below 7 is acidic and if over 7 the water is alkali. As the pH is to the power of ten (i. e. one-unit change means ten and two units mean 100) changing the pH must be carried out carefully to avoid any erratic changes.

There is no general advice for an optimum pH. Depending on their origin, ornamental fish have very different needs. For example fish from South America live in a very acidic environment (pH less than 7), however chichlids from East African inland waters live in alkaline water (pH more than 7).

If the ph is too high we recommend the carefull acidification of the water by using AQUAVITAL BLACK PEAT or AQUAVITAL GRANU-PEAT. To increase the pH place chalky stone or gravel in the water.

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