Comfort, Efficiency and Security with AQUA-CLIPPER Sealing Systems

AQUA-CLIPPER are on duty worldwide for decades. They fill up a fish transport bag with pure oxygen and seal it absolutely tight with a clip made of aluminium. This makes a transport save without any problems even for many hours. AQUA-CLIPPER sealing machines are fully automatic, very robust and easy and efficient in handling.

AQUA-CLIPPER have got a body made of stainless steel. It does not matter if you use an AQUA-CLIPPER in moisty tropical heat or polar climate, in conjunction with fresh water or marine water. We have many experiences through longterm users in every region of the world. AQUA-CLIPPER manage any kind of fish transport bag made of various materials, from single mini-bag up to big double-bags.

Anyone who has to deal with packaging of fish, appreciates the easy handling and the huge tempo of output. To fill up a bag with oxygen and seal it is a matter of a few seconds. And as it is known that time is money, the systemis especially convincing when looking at the economy.

We recommend fish transport bags from Aquapac Jaturanon GmbH. Quality made in Germany.

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