ORCA 2-REPAIR is a repair adhesive made of two components that form a very strong and permanent bond within seconds. It can also be used to reliably repair cracks and fractures and fill in missing material.

ORCA 2-REPAIR is ideal for bonding metals, glass, porcelain, ceramics, rubber, leather, wood, paper and plastic.

The granules of component 1 are applied to the area to be repaired. The liquid component 2 of cyanoacrylate is then dispensed in drops so that a firm and permanent bond is formed. If a larger material gap needs to be filled, this process can be repeated several times. The bonded area can then be further treated by sanding, drilling, etc.

The cured material poses no danger to humans or the environment. No solvents or other pollutants are released, making it ideal for repairing items used in the aquarium (e. g. pump impellers, reactors, skimmers, or similar).

For Fresh and Marine Water

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