Seals, repairs, glues under water

Glues and seals under water, even in a full aquarium. Anyone whose aquarium has ever sprung a leak on the weekend or holiday knows the value of having a cartridge of ORCA UNDERWATER GLUE at home. ORCA UNDERWATER GLUE does not contain any solvents, isocyanates or silicones and is therefore harmless to fish and plants.

It is ideal for sealing of aquaria or garden ponds as well as for bonding decoration materials. Thanks to its extremely high adhesive strength and hardness of more than 56 Shore A ORCA UNDERWATER GLUE bonds nearly every material and can even be employed for industrial applications, especially wherever the task at hand invelves sealing in the presence of moisture or at atypical temperature ranges.

ORCA UNDERWATER GLUE is available in a cartridge of 450 g, in a mini-tube of 75 g for small repairs and in the comfortable PRESSURE PACK of 315 g

For Fresh and Marine Water

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