Remedies for Ornamental Fish simple, safe, effective





Remedies for Ornamental Fish
simple, safe, effective

Our goal is to help you to reestablish the health and wellbeing of your ornamental fish through an effective, reliable and safe treatment. To achieve this goal we offer a balanced line of medical products to treat the most common illnesses. From universal to specific applications, from an uncertain to a specific diagnosis: the range of medical products offered by Aquarium Münster covers a wide spectrum of indications.

Discover for yourself how easily you can familiarize yourself with the symptoms of most typical illnesses and how you can treat these with a managable number of medical products. Regardless of your level of experience, simplicity and security in administration are the keys to successful and rapid treatment. For the health of your ornamental fish and for your enjoyment of your aquarium.

All medical products from Aquarium Münster are manufactured with the GMP guidelines – the pharmaceutical industry’s internationally standardized quality standards. Our products are the end result of many years of research, development and testing. In conjunction with continuous monitoring this offers you the security of knowing you are using products with a high degree of effectiveness, reliability and tolerance. In the end, all this benefits your ornamental fish.

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