First Aid against numerous infections

EKTOMOR is a universal medication, effective against the most common infectious diseases affecting ornamental fish. EKTOMOR acts against numerous communicable infectious diseases caused by protozoa (e. g. Cryptobia, Cryptocarion), bacteria (e. g. Flexibacter) and fungus (e. g. Saprolegnia).

The specific combination of active ingredients results in a long-lasting release of oxygen. Active oxygen exhibits a desinfecting behaviour, fights the illness and is particularly well tolerated. EKTOMOR can be used in different concentrations from prophylactic use to desinfections up to healing. It is highly convenient for the desinfection of newly acquired fish, decorative objects etc., too.

For Fresh and Marine Water
Protozoa Infection
Bacterial Infection
Fungus Infection
Sea Horse with  
Ichthyobodo Infection

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